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stock-market-invest-long-term john bastaHi! I want to thank you for visiting my website. My website promotes books, information, and services that will guide you to financial prosperity and success with investing in the stock market, real estate, your own business, and your personal development.  My mission is to make investing simple, understandable, and easy for everyone.

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Books To Help You Become A Successful Investor

Normal shipping takes 2-3 days, unless the book is out of stock and has to be re-printed. In that case, it can take up to 2 weeks. Process and Handling Fee of $5.00 on all orders of 5 books or less.
Should you decide to pay by check, make the check payable to Undaunted Press LLC and send to 7843 E Park View Dr., Mesa, Arizona 85208

He offers books and services that always answer 2 questions for investors: WHAT DO I DO? HOW DO I DO IT?

Meet Your Investing Guide John Basta!

John Basta's brief resume follows:
Has practiced as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) greater than 20 years
Has been the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at both small & mid-size companies
Is a Real Estate Investor and has 35+ years of experience
Is a Business Consultant
Is a Precious Metals and Exchange Traded Fund Investor
Is a Financial Author and Lecturer

So regular working people who may not know much about finance and investing may become successful at investing in the stock market, real estate, precious metals, their own small business or their personal development. As a CPA (Certified Personal Accountant) for 25+ years (I am now retired). I worked with numerous wealthy investors, business people, and regular working Joes and Josephines. I consistently observed two things. First, wealthy investors and business owners received services and purchased financial products from competent professionals who put the needs of their customers first and their own fees and compensation close to last. Second, regular working Joes and Joesphines with limited financial knowledge received services and purchased financial products from salespeople, typically with limited knowledge about their service or products, who almost always put their fees and commissions first and the needs of their customers last. The result was that working people were directed to the wrong product or expensive services that weren't needed. I decided to write short simple books about investing that explain what to do and how to do it. My hope is that regular working people will be able to decide what to invest in without having to pay expensive fees and commissions for advice and services.


How To Start And Run A Business

This seminar really does show you have to start and run a successful business. We talk about things you should consider before you even...... Read more

How to Earn More or Lose Less in Business

This seminar is designed for both the aspiring entrepreneur as well as the seasoned business manager. The seminar offers both insights and...... Read more

How to Buy and Finance Residential Income Property

This seminar shows you how to select, analyze, price, and finance any income property. After taking this seminar you will know what price to...... Read more

Investing Made Simple, Easy And Understandable For Everyone

• How to invest in the stock market over the long term for annual returns of 10% or better without having to find the next Microsoft. • Earn...... Read more


Private Seminars Please email John Basta at [email protected] for scheduling availability. The private seminar, which is 6-8 hours, cost $3,950 and the cost of travel. A $2,000 down payment is required and the balance is paid on the day of the seminar. It is available anywhere in the continental United States. It is available as scheduling permits.


Success With Investing provides both actual help and coaching for investing and business.

Need help analyzing or buying an investment property?
Wonder if this is the best time to buy precious metals?
Need guidance in starting a new business?
Want individual mentoring?

John or a staff member will be pleased to help you. The intial discussion up to one hour will cost $75. That's less that the hourly rate to fix your car! The normal consulting rate is $295/hour.

Please contact us for pricing and the time required for your requested service or project.

Email John or his staff and [email protected]

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your site. The service is reliable, and the selection is impressive. I found what I needed easily and the books arrived in a timely manner. I'm doing great in my investments!

Sarah JeffersonDenver, CO

I love reading finance tips books. Is so amazing how these short books are really informative and have helped in the last year! I love your shop, easy to order and very very quick delivery.

Anne RobinsonLos Angeles, CA

Bought the book that talked about investing in real estate. Very insightful and helpful! Always an excellent and fantastic service. Thank you so much.

Gustavo FernandezScottsdale, AZ