This seminar shows you how to select, analyze, price, and finance any income property. After taking this seminar you will know what price to offer for an income property (four or more units), whether the property is physically and structurally acceptable, and how to finance the purchase. This seminar is not for those interested in fixing and flipping houses, investing in single family homes, buying commercial property or buying foreclosed property at auction.

This seminar was designed and developed by John Basta. Mr. Basta has 35+ years of experience as an investor in income property. In addition, he has been employed for 15 years as a Chief Financial Officer for property management and development companies. He is also the author of five financial books.

This seminar is offered both publicly and privately.

For public seminars the cost is $195 per person with a second person cost of $95. The seminar is 6-8 hours.

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