This seminar is designed for both the aspiring entrepreneur as well as the seasoned business manager. The seminar offers both insights and ideas to consider when contemplating a new business venture of the purchase of an existing business. We skip the normal ho-hum advice about choosing the type of entity, writing a business plan, where to get financing, etc. These insights and ideas precede the start of a business.

For a manager of an ongoing business, the seminar offers great advice and valuable suggestions in the areas of the work place site, human resources, administrative policies and procedures, leadership and, most important of all, marketing. Some of the advice is well known but not applied and some is unique and different.

For example, save the cost of all those hours developing and discussing a mission statement or corporate goals. Skip the process, you already have a vision so just communicate the vision. Another area would be an underperforming employee. It’s cheaper to terminate and risk a lawsuit than hope and wait for performance to get better.

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